Professional Support

The Document Foundation does not provide professional support services on LibreOffice. It does however develop and maintain a certification system for professionals of various kinds who deliver and sell services on LibreOffice.

The details of the certification programme can be read here. At the moment we only provide certification for LibreOffice developers. If you are interested in their services the list below shows our certified developers and their affiliation by alphabetical order:


  • Bjoern Michaelsen


  • Andrzej Hunt
  • Jan Holesovsky
  • Kohei Yoshida
  • Markus Mohrhard
  • Matúš Kukan
  • Michael Meeks
  • Miklos Vajna
  • Muthu Subramanian
  • Timár András
  • Tor Lillqvist


  • Eilidh McAdam
  • Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer


  • Maxime de Roucy

Red Hat

  • Caolan McNamara
  • David Tardon
  • Eike Rathke
  • Michael Stahl
  • Stephan Bergmann


  • Cedric Bosdonnat
  • Fridrich Strba
  • Noel Power
  • Petr Mladek
  • Thorsten Behrens

The Document Foundation

  • Christian Lohmaier


  • Khaled Hosny
  • Lionel Elie Mamane
  • Lubos Lunak
  • Marcos Souza
  • Noel Grandin
  • Radek Doulík
  • Rene Engelhard
  • Rob Snelders
  • Tamás Zolnai
  • Tomaž Vajngerl
  • Winfried Donkers